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A ministry aimed at connecting members of the military to other Christians worldwide and on many ships at sea.

Apologetics Press

Published since 1981, Reason & Revelation includes articles on Biblical inspiration, God's existence, creation/evolution, the deity of Christ, and other topics in the field of modern apologetics. Most are written on a popular level for readers wanting an in-depth biblical approach but, on occasion, articles address more challenging scientific, social, and religious controversies.

Christian Courier

A unique library of information that strengthens our brethren by supplying quality, biblically-sound materials that are easily accessible.  While there are many web sites that offer the basic plan of salvation, and reach out to the lost, Christian Courier's goal is to remain focused on the second part of the Great Commission--to further the education of Christians.

Freed-Hardeman University Bible Lectures

Throughout the year, information is posted here concerning the annual lectures.  For at least part of the year, the main lectures are available in several formats.

Internet Bible Study

Written by Ron Boatwright, this is a very nice interactive Bible study that you can do from your own computer.

Introducing the Church of Christ

Written by various authors, this book (now offered on-line) gives a good summary of the Lord's church.

Key to the Kingdom

An outreach ministry using television media, the program is supported completely by numerous churches of Christ and individuals throughout the world.

Marriage, Divorce and Remarriage

An excellent series of video lessons by Randy Mabe, instructor at the Online Academy of Biblical Studies.  Randy preaches for the Boulevard Church of Christ in Las Vegas, Nevada.

On-line Bible Study Course

An eight-lesson on-line course written by Gary Summers, complete with answers!

Search TV

The SEARCH program began in 1980 on one small TV station.  They are now seen on 80 broadcast stations, 130 cable and public access stations, 23 radio stations, and 2 satellite networks.  This site now provides audio and video streaming.

Searching for Truth

Produced by World Video Bible School, this is the online version of an excellent DVD that we offer free of charge to our friends and family here in Madison.

Truth for the World

You will find an abundance of Bible material (correspondence courses, tracts, articles, etc.), suitable for self-study, lesson preparation, and evangelism.  They are non-denominational, based strictly upon the Bible, not the creeds or traditions of men.  Truth for the World is a mission work of the churches of Christ.


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